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The quality of the mold is important with a mold manufacturer.Omould has been pay highly attention to the quality, not only the mold, but also the material.
Omould control strictly the material supplier. The material including the steel of the mold base, cavity,core, component, and the plastic, the master batch.

Once the material is coming, the QC will make a incoming quality control. If it is NG, the supplier will be punish and resend the good material.
In the machining, the size of the parts will be control as the 3D.If it is NG, the worker will be punish and remake it.
Also the size is OK, and the delivery time is meet the customers, the workers and the department will win the 
award and highly appreciate.
All the employeer in the QC, they are familiar with inspection standard and method,also have skilled in check. Once a part is checking, they will be decisive judgment and give a test report authoritative.

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